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11. Foreversong

The song described

Foreversong ends the High Time album. It was the obvious choice for the last song from its lyrics and general feel. The song has basically two separate parts. First one is the faster side of the song and the latter introduces the chorus in a slower and more atmospheric beat. Foreversong starts with a funky keyboard melody solely that reminds some old game music (Megaman from Sega or similar). Suddenly all the instruments kick in very heavily and fill the melody. The song is very energetic until the end of second chorus when the mood changes more calm with a highly effected drum loop that sounds from distance and Vesa's guitar melodies that take the song perfectly to the C-part of the song with calm vocals. Then the song kicks in again to the chorus that differs from the earlier choruses by its arragements and finally take High Time to its end.

How it all started

This song has been in the making from summer 2008 I think. It has changed a lot during the process. This was one of those songs that really had to build itself up slowly but surely. Some parts of the vocals we heard for the first time in the studio. It was really nerve wrecking, not knowing at all what it would sound like but luckily it sounded great. In general the High Time sessions were much more challenging as we had new songs that we wanted to include on the album but weren't 100% ready when I for example played the drums for album. Very challenging but extremely rewarding.

Yeah, the Mega Man song. :-) Something strange happened with this track. It didn´t feel like a strong song to me; I wrote 2 or 3 different (bad) lyrics for it and nothing worked. Its first demo version did not sound very good, and at some point I was even half-way hoping that this song would not be on the album. But then Jappe wrote more melody to it, the song got its final lyrics, we succeeded perfectly with the C-part and the vocal lines in studio, and all of a sudden it was fantastic. Now this is my favorite song of the whole album. Insane!

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