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3. Sun Stones

The song described

Sun Stones is the most progressive song on the High Time album. It is an orient influenced song in the style of Dire Waters from Primal Exhale. The song is extremely versatile, it builds on different atmospheres from quiet and misty parts to powerful verses and a melodic chorus. The intro as well as the solo part introduce a very fresh sounds to Excalion with lots of percussions and a groovy bassline that represent essential parts of the song.

How it all started

Sun Stones was one of the most interesting songs for myself as we started to jam this one in 2008. Jappe presented a very rythmic bassline that prooved to be an important part of the song. It was extremely fun to play with other instruments as well and it didn't take long as the song was ready. Big part of the song structure came by improvising session with Jappe and Tero as we just started to jam on the one bassline Jappe introduced. The song just built itself up. This is how it is supposed to happen! One of the best memories of our rehearsing session for High Time definately. We had a bit quiet months before Jappe wrote this one, but the songs started to flood in as we got our rehearsal sessions kicked in well.


Yeah this song represents really new sounds for Xcalion. Lots of percussions and even a little bit of wah wah "funky" guitar.


The idea of the song came up from a synth sound. I tested some new sounds and there was some groovy sound that inspired the intro theme. The scale of the intro made clear that there would be some orient feeling. The song basically built up around the theme. I had some different choruses in mind, but right after we played the one that sticked, it was clear that we had the winner. Tero's lyrics reflect perfectly the atmosphere of the song.


This album's little prog monster. We spent much time arranging its tricks and hooks. It would have been easy to mess this one up in the studio, but we managed to get the song to work perfectly.


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  1. Yeah, here comes the progressive side!

    "wah wah funky guitar" I like it!