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4. The Flags in Line

The song described

The Flags in Line is one of the most epic songs on High Time. It is at the same time one of the heaviest and catchiest song. Even though it's one of the biggest Excalion songs in the vein of Soaking Ground, the Waterlines-epic, it is still very compact yet versatile song. The intro builds on a heavy riff that guides through the main themes of the song with a very tight baseline by the drums and bass. Followed by a calm verse the song bursts into big and catchy chorus with the biggest choirs of the album. With an extremely emotional yet powerful singing by Jarmo, The Flags in Line is definately one of the must hear songs from High Time.

How it all started

This is one of the oldest songs from the new album. It was included in the 4 song demo tape of 2007. It has gone through small changes since then. The lyrics were modified by Tero a while before entering the studio and the title of the song was changed in the process from September Falling to Flags in Line. This song was always one the best we've written, but it totally exploded in the studio to a new level with fantastic choirs, new and absolutely great lyrics and the orchestrations made by Jappe as well as because of the new solo part that introduced really great twin solo by Jappe and Vesa. One of my favourites from Excalion, if not the best song.


Yah, this is propably the heaviest song Excalion has ever written and it starts with guitar riff. Solo part has changed a little bit during the years and I think it's now perfecto. Like Henri said this is also one of my favourites from Excalion.


Actually I don't quite remember how this song was composed. I think that it was first based on the vocal lines completely and after that came the rest. I remember that I was composing and trying to sing the vocal lines outside in the cold breeze. It has one of the best verse vocals that we have. I liked the old title a lot, but the new one is also good.


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