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9. Quicksilver

The song described

Quicksilver is also one of the newest Excalion songs. It is not the heaviest song on the album but definately one of the most melodic and catchiest songs. Quicksilver is very synth based song and introduces lots of great keyboard melodies and sounds you've never heard on Excalion albums. Some of the songs vibes definately come from 80's rock (even from synth pop) and heavy scene and these are the things that make this song sound really fresh. Believe it or not.

The song starts quite calmly with a hi-hat pattern and cool sounding keyboard melodies that finally blow to full band beat. This song is all about great sounding vocal lines that have been made for Jarmo to show of his great voice. The chorus could be the most melodic of all Excalion songs.

How it all started

This one is a quite new one from this Spring. I remember Jappe making me ready for the song before introducing anything. He said "I'm not sure if you will like this one. It's possibly the catchiest song ever written...maybe too catchy for a heavy album". :D

Sure I liked it... a lot! Jappe showed me the chorus and played the vocal melodies for it. It was great! Those who are interested can find one part of the last chorus in the studio diary videos!!! Go check it out!


I think this one´s working title was "The Smash Hit Single" or something like that. Heh... Really vocal-driven, melodic approach here. 

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