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8. Lifetime

The song described

Lifetime is one of the newest songs of the album and one of the most fresh sounding songs with its uptempo, groovy and versatile qualities. Lifetime includes lots of variations and parts that differ from each other without never losing its great groove and beat that makes you throw your fist in the air as you hear it. The song hits you right in the face as it kicks in with a fast drum fill exploding in to a heavy and uptempo rhythm that lets you know that this song has a lot to offer.

How it all started

Lifetime was written in autumn 2008 but rehearsed for the whole band only in Spring 2009. We demoed quite a bunch of songs for drums, bass and keyboard in autumn 2008 and built 90% of the songs for High Time. This was one of the strongest ones for me even though it didn't have any vocal melodies for a long time. Jappe planned the melodies quite a while to get the best out of it and in spring he presented the melodies to Jarmo and he sang the demo straight away. Proved to be one of the best songs on the album (I think it's Jarmo's favourite) and one of the most fresh sounding songs that show the best of Excalion.

I remember that this song changed very much along its way. The song´s chorus was not initially a chorus at all, but some other part. I also remember that for a long time I had no idea what this song would sound like in the end. Usually you get a general idea already when rehearsing the basic instrumental parts, but this one was elusive. Sometimes it is nice to be surprised.

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