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6. The Shroud

The song described

The Shroud represents also the epic side of the album. The song has a marching feel in many of its parts and a big and catchy chorus. The song kicks in with a marching drum beat and continues with a nice, big and catchy keyboard melody with a heavy guitar riff. As most of the High Time songs, The Shroud gives a lot of space for Jarmo to sing his lungs out and vary the mood of the song from calm verses to fierce C-parts that show the variety and power of Jarmo's voice. The solo represents Vesa's great ability to combine an excellent melodic guitar playing to shredding that leaves no-one cold.

How it all started

I think this song saw the daylight in autumn of 2008. Once again Jappe had laid some basics for a song that he wanted to try out with me and Tero. I remember that we didn't have to struggle with this song that much. The chorus and the theme of the song were catchy as hell so that made building the rest of the song pretty easy. The structure has been the same from the start and we didn't have to make many changes to the song in the recording phase. It just works.


All started from the main theme/chorus and they made me feel that there has to be some marching feel in the song. Also it sounded very bombastic and big right from the start. At first I had a little bit different arrangement in mind to the verses, but it turn out great. Now it is more dynamic and rises perfectly towards to chorus.


Like Jappe said I think there was a little bit different arrangement planned for this, but now it's more dynamic. I had some guitar creativity problems with this song, but that happens sometimes.


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