torstai 27. elokuuta 2009

Day 4

Ok. This day was something different. Only Arttu was at the studio with his cats. Tero and me went to the studio at 15.00 to check up how the editing is going. Arttu had made quite lot of progress and the next stage is boosting the drum sounds. That will happen on tuesday. We have a couple of days to chill in between.

After tuesday's editing day there will be 5 days of pause again. heheh. Then Vesa will come and conquer. He has a few days dedicated just for him. Waiting anxiously to hear the heavy riffs to the songs. They will kick some serious ass.

keskiviikko 26. elokuuta 2009

Day 3

Third day done and things look bright. It was only Arttu and me in studio today, and we managed to finish all the remaining bass tracks. Well, all except one. In our songlist there is one title which has no check marks at all -- no drums recorded, no bass, no nothing. Why is that? I won´t tell. :)

I had a good playing day. There is some difference between days, at least for me. Sometimes you are clumsy and uninspired, and sometimes... well, a little better. This was one of the better days, so it was relatively fast work today. (Much of the credit goes to Arttu, obviously.)

So, the basic rhythms are now down. There are minor things that will probably be added or adjusted, but the core drums & bass are now recorded. The next stage will be to start working on the guitar ideas in detail.

P.S. Note to Jarno: I made it, didn´t I? Bomb on Colonial 1 !!

tiistai 25. elokuuta 2009

Day 2

So this was the second day. Henri started early and tackled track after track -- he never seems to waste much time. By noon we had the drum tracks down for all of the songs, so we could move on to recording bass. We are ahead of schedule, which is nice. Not too much stress. By the end of the day, we had basslines for four songs completed. Some time was also spent for recording short separate drum beats (material for drum loops that will be inserted into some songs) and "cleaning up" tracks (removing unwanted noise). Things seem to go easily and smoothly, at least these first days.

We are making a metal album co-produced by a couple of cats. Arttu´s cats are hanging around in the studio, lying on pieces of equipment and occasionally pushing some buttons... Inserting some sleepy felines into a room can have a great relaxing effect. It´s awesome. :)

Tomorrow will be a day for more bass tracks. I hope the good pace will continue.

maanantai 24. elokuuta 2009

Day 1

Finally it started. The day we've been waiting for. The recordings of the 3rd album. Came to the studio at 10 and realized that Siwa had invaded Arttu's front yard. Well, at least don't have to drive that far to grab some ultimate Pizzas from Saarioinen. heh

We took 4 hours or so to get some nice sounds from the drums and managed to record drums for 5 songs. Almost the half of album. If the final product will hold 11 songs? We'll have to see. Really nice start for the studio. Tero was the only one to hang out at the studio with me. Jappe, Jarmo and Vesa had their jobs on the way. Tomorrow will be another drumming day and let's see if Tero gets to start his parts...

(Sorry bout the movie quality. Some technical problems I try to conquer later)

perjantai 21. elokuuta 2009

Entering the Studio

So this is it. Only a couple of days and we get the recordings for our third album going. The material is great and the band sounds great. Magic will happen once again in Studio Watercastle, Jyväskylä. More to follow on monday.