torstai 28. syyskuuta 2017

Online Shop now open

The Excalion Online Shop is now open.
We ship the merchandise internationally. Happy shopping.


torstai 10. elokuuta 2017



Finnish Power Metal veterans Excalion have released a lyric video for the song 'The Firmament', third single taken from the band's new album 'Dream Alive'. 

Watch the video here: 

maanantai 12. kesäkuuta 2017


Our new single Divergent Falling is now released. See the lyric video below:

Dream Alive will be released on 7th of July. Pre-order your CD from here:

itunes: https://goo.gl/vtqRzK
amazon: https://goo.gl/GQHPYh
Levykauppa X: https://www.levykauppax.fi/artist/excalion/dream_alive/#534189

The tracklist is as follows:
1. Divergent Falling
2. Centenarian
3. Marching Masquerade
4. Amelia
5. Release the Time
6. One Man Kingdom
7. Deadwater Bay
8. The Firmament
9. Man Alive
10. Living Daylights
11.Portrait on the Wall
Act I: Forlorn Son
Act II: Repentance
Act III: To the New World

The outstanding artwork that captures the storyline of the album was created by a rising star from Poland, Piotr Szafraniec.
 The album was mixed by Tuomas Kokko at Electric Fox studio (Ghost Brigade) and mastered by Brett-Caldas Lima at Tower Studio (Ayreon, Adagio).

torstai 13. huhtikuuta 2017

Excalion signs with Scarlet Records

Now it is official. Excalion will join the ranks of Scarlet Records and the new album Dream Alive is almost here. Here's a message from our singer Marcus Lång.

Read more about the deal and the new album at Scarlet Records site:

perjantai 30. joulukuuta 2016

Album artwork revealed

Here's our Christmas gift for you! The cover artwork of the upcoming 4th Excalion-album called "Dream Alive".

This amazing artwork was done by Piotr Szafraniec from A-Design // Archart.
How do you like the cover?

We wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you stay tuned in 2017 which will mark a new chapter for Excalion.

Marcus, Jappe, Aleksi, Henri and Onni / Excalion

keskiviikko 27. huhtikuuta 2016

Line-up changes and hunt for a new deal

As many of you might know already, Excalion is getting back to business after a longer period of silence. We can safely say that a lot has happened since last two years. New singer and new guitarist but it doesn't stop there. Our long-time bassist and dear friend Tero moved to Barcelona and continues in the band only to write further lyrics that have always been his special gift. And.... yes, there is more.... we are in the hunt for a new record deal as the old deal with Limb music ended.

So here we go. We have just finished recordings and mixing for the new promo that we start distributing to record labels. We are hugely excited. Check out some early clips from this following youtube-video, but believe us when we say, the songs and the new line-up are amazing!

Here's a short message from Tero Vaaja:
"For the friends of Excalion,

Since some time, I have not been playing bass for Excalion. In December 2015 I went to live in Barcelona, and I am not around the Excalion base camp anymore -- which made it necessary to put an end to one chapter that started more than 15 years ago. I handed over the Excalion bass duties to a great player and a good friend, and I am not in the band's lineup nowadays. But, fortunately, the chapter is not really ending. I have written lyrics for a number of new Excalion songs, and I will continue writing lyrics whenever the band wishes so. I understand the guys are happy to have me around as a kind of a sixth member, and I am more than happy about that!

There is a time for everything, and in my opinion, now it is time for Excalion to be better than it has ever been. The band we founded in an attic so many years ago has matured into something fantastic. That is just so cool. -Tero"

As mentioned by Tero, we didn't have to look far for the new bass player. Our good friend and hugely gifted bassist Onni Hirvonen took the role in the band with ease. Here's a short message from him:


I was at the same time extremely honoured, excited, and scared when my old friends from Excalion asked me to continue Tero's work on bass. I can never compete with his massive lion's mane of hair but I hope to bring energy to the stage and do justice to the songs, old and new. (And oh boy, the new ones are something that you should look forward too.) I wish all the best for Tero in his new adventures.
Rock on! -Onni"

To conclude, we are playing some gigs still this year and look forward sharing the new material with you as soon as possible!

Cheers guys and girls

Excalion (from the left):
Aleksi Hirvonen (guitars), Marcus Lång (vocals), Onni Hirvonen (bass), Jarmo Myllyvirta (keyboards), Henri Pirkkalainen (drums)

tiistai 27. maaliskuuta 2012

Tribute to Stratovarius

Hi all!

Time for some a small update. We're progressing with the demos for next album. Just laid some drum tracks for one really awesome and fast Excalion song. I think will be quite a blast when you hear it! Feels really awesome. Maybe a bit more rhytmic and technical compared to Excalion songs in general.

Something else for this year: We're playing Stratovarius tribute concerts with the Excalion line-up. We wanted to make something fun and special and this was one crazy idea that we had and wanted to try out. We're playing one concert now, this Friday in Äänekoski, Finland. Some more gigs coming later this year. More on those later. Let us know if you have some cool places in your hometown that wouldn't be too scared of uptempo Melodic Metal!

Seeya soon!