sunnuntai 16. tammikuuta 2011

January update

Happy New Year everyone!

As you might have seen from, Jarmo will be appearing on a Heavy Musical on 5th of February in Turku. How awesome is that? Be sure to get your tickets for that specific act. ;)

Some update from the rehearsals as well:
We've got 9 new songs so far that are extremely potential for the next album. The songs are extremely versatile. Some really fast stuff to slower songs with huge choruses.

We also updated our equipment a bit for demo recording. We used to do all our demos (since last 5 years) with a 8-track recorder from ancient history, utilizing zip disks that are not sold anywhere nowadays. We've lived with a constant fear that some of the disks break (or just start to malfunction as usual) during the recordings and we would have to start all over again. But those days are gone since now we have an actual digital recorder for demo sessions. We will hit the rehearsal space in a couple of weeks to record a few more of the new songs.

Sorry for the delay with the new video. The timeline we had in mind was a bit optimistic since the producer is extremely busy with his dayjob and we want to have a bit of a extra work with this video. ;) So be patient.

See ya later!