keskiviikko 27. lokakuuta 2010

Rehearsal update

Just came back from the rehearsals. After a couple of quiet weeks we went back to the rehearsal space to work on the new songs. Have to say that it has been a blast. It seems that sometimes Jappe has astonishing flow with songwriting and killer songs just pop out after each other. Well, these are those times again. Just have to keep up with the pace and rehearse the songs that he doesn't have to store all ideas just in his head.
Today we worked on a few different songs. Few words about those:

First one of these is a bit slower but heavy song in the style of Losing Time from Waterlines. Has great melodies in it and is one of those songs that work even if played with just drum, bass and keyboard combination.

The second kinda rockish mid tempo song with a GREAT sing-along vibe. Only played once in the rehearsals right now but no doubt will be one of the most noticeable upcoming new songs.

Last one of the songs is really fast and heavy song with some killer guitar-keyboard patterns, lots of double bass drumming rhytms and some slight proggish influences. Hell of a lot of fun to rehearse this one.

We'll be sharing some news from the rehearsals in the upcoming weeks as well.

Btw. The video editing is progressing slowly but surely. The material looks absolutely great but it will take a bit of time still to get the video finished as we're combining some materials from the Excalion-journey and there's quite a big bunch of stuff that we have to go through. But the outcome should be really worth the wait!


sunnuntai 19. syyskuuta 2010

It's a wrap


Quite an intense weekend starts to be over and the video shoot for Enter a Life is done. Have to say that it was an extremely fun shooting session and everything rolled flawlessly. I personally can't wait to see the final version of the video.

Can't think of a better way to sum up the last ten years we have been pleaying together, but with this video that shows some memories throughout our journey, looks back where we started from and takes us up to date, Rocking on "Enter a Life" from High Time album!

More pictures coming soon. In the meantime, check some from the right sidebar.

perjantai 17. syyskuuta 2010

Video shoot starts

Excalion shoots the Enter a Life - music video this weekend! Be prepared for an awesome video that also presents some sights to the past of Excalion.

Pictures from the shoot coming soon. First some sleep after a long day of preparations. Stay tuned!

maanantai 30. elokuuta 2010

New video planned, High Time released in Japan


Time to share some updates, what's happening in camp Excalion!
First of all, sorry for a bit quiet period. Summer was quite full of all sorts of activities in and out of band but what could be most interesting for you, High Time was released in Japan by Art Union Group in August. BURRN! review gave High Time 80 points! Excalion has also decided to do a music video for High Time album to celebrate the ten years journey that started end of 2000 in Konnevesi, Middle-Finland.

The new video will be shot within a month and will include some footage throughout our journey. We're extremely excited about the ideas for the video and can't wait to get it shot, edited and delivered to every single Excalion fan out there! More info on the progress coming later (with some pictures of course from the shooting naturally).

The demoing of new songs is also progressing nicely as is the composing. We foresee Autumn to be a very active period for Excalion. I also personally did a small investment for the future and took brand new double bass - Tama Starclassic drum set. Will share some pictures with you as soon as I receive the fantastic monster kit.

In the meantime, please keep requesting us for your local radio stations/pubs/venues and share us some recommendations for good places to ROCK!

maanantai 28. kesäkuuta 2010 down


As you might have seen, is currently down because of not enough bandwidth. The site should be up again tomorrow or the day after at the latest. We'll make sure this problem doesn't occur again.

In the meanwhile, we are starting to make the first demos out of the new songs. We're at the first stage demoing 3 really cool songs and at the same time rehearsing a few more. It's going very nicely now in the rehearsals and the songs will be extremely strong! Stay tuned for more news.

torstai 13. toukokuuta 2010

Update from the rehearsals


Just wanted to give a short update what's going on right now. Just came back from the rehearsals a couple of hours ago. We had a really nice session where Jappe introduced two new songs. I have to say it felt damn nice to start working on them. Both of the songs were awesome and now they're stuck to my head even if they still were on a really early stage.

We have started going over some rehearsal and gig material we have shot ourselves during the last ten years. Let's see what we come up with those. "Remains to be a secret", be patient :)

The new shirts are coming. We had a bit of delay as we had to get some posters also printed but they'll be here soon.

Now some sleep. Let's see which one of those new songs will play more in my head the next 24 hours! Cheers

maanantai 29. maaliskuuta 2010

Reviews updated


just added a couple of new reviews from Metal Crypt (4,75/5) and Angelfire (4/5) to the review page. Check them out!

To our Street team page we also added a couple of posters that you can print out and spread the word with. Or just put it on your own wall if you wish. ;) Here's the link to them: Excalion material

We have been rehearsing quite much lately and discussing our future plans. Some of you might remember that end of this year we will celebrate 10 years of Excalion. I think we can provide something cool before the end of the year so you don't have to wait that long. More about that later.

The layout for the shirts looks damn good and they will be printed soon.

Many of you are surely waiting for gigs to appear. For autumn we will try to arrange better selection of them. For now we would like to ask our friends and fans to come to Konnevesi 17.4 to jam with us in our home village.

See ya!

perjantai 5. maaliskuuta 2010

100 000 MySpace visits

The Excalion MySpace page just recently crossed the line of 100,000 visits.

Thanks and come again!

torstai 4. maaliskuuta 2010

New interviews and random talk

Hi guys and gals,

just wanted to drop some lines as were doing some interviews during these days. We'll post links as they are released. If anyone is interested in hearing one, I suggest you check tomorrow, Friday 5th at 9PM CET. I'll be dropping by to say some words about the new album.

The new shirts are still in the designing phase as we want to have it as great as possible! Shouldn't take many days to get them ordered now. Can't wait to get them.

Many people have been asking about a new video clip. We're still thinking of it as a possibility but first we want to have a really good idea for it and good production. We'll let you know how it turns out.

See ya all later!

perjantai 26. helmikuuta 2010

Excalion Infernon uusimmassa numerossa

Moi väki,

Infernon juuri ilmestyneestä numerosta (#74) löytyy Excalion-haastattelu. Kiinnostuneet ei ku kipaisemaan kioskille tummanpuhuvaa rokkilehteä ostamaan.

lauantai 13. helmikuuta 2010

Status check

Hey all,

So, what's been happening since the last blog post?
High Time was released and is available in many stores across Europe and can be ordered from all over the world from various online stores. We finally got the Excalion site updated with some new cool features as you might have seen.

The first reviews have been extremely positive and we are just totally thrilled about it. More importantly we have had very posivitive feedback from the audience which is most important for us. Thank you for that!

We're now finalizing ideas for the next Excalion shirts and hopefully they are available soon.

We just had our first gig after the release of the album. This was a band event at Hankasalmi and we had the pleasure to try out some new stuff and it felt great. We were a bit worried how it's going to go as Jarmo was really sick just a couple of days before the gig and we had no idea can he sing at all, but he totally rocked!

Here's the setlist for yesterday as I know some of you are interested what songs were played (I seriously cannot remember in which order they were):
Enter a Life, Lifetime, Yövartio, Foreversong, Bring on the Storm, Flags in Line, Losing Time, Wingman, Moment in the Spotlight and Luopio.

Cheers from now. We're searching now intensively for follow up gigs. Stay tuned for new interviews!

torstai 28. tammikuuta 2010

Launching the new layout

Hey everyone!

By the time I´m writing this blog, the Excalion site with old layout is just drawn out and we're putting the new layout together. In a couple of hours the day will be February 29th, which means HIGH TIME is officially released!

Here's a small High Time promovideo to introduce the new album.
Check it out!

If the video is not working properly, access it from HERE (Youtube)

maanantai 25. tammikuuta 2010

Release coming closer

Hey all!

A while since we wrote something in Excalion blog. The release of High Time is getting closer day by day and we're totally thrilled about it. The new layout for the homepage is almost done and not long before we set that up.

We just had a band weekend to rehearse our new songs and they kicked serious ass. Can't wait to get on stage to play those for you. Didn't remember to take any pictures from our rehearsal space. Have to do that later then. We're also checking to order some High Time shirts to be later available on our site. Lots of things coming up so be sure to check the pages regularly.

Btw. Have you remembered to pre-order our new album? Seems to be up in quite many locations. Check here for worldwide shipments:

See you guys later!