keskiviikko 27. lokakuuta 2010

Rehearsal update

Just came back from the rehearsals. After a couple of quiet weeks we went back to the rehearsal space to work on the new songs. Have to say that it has been a blast. It seems that sometimes Jappe has astonishing flow with songwriting and killer songs just pop out after each other. Well, these are those times again. Just have to keep up with the pace and rehearse the songs that he doesn't have to store all ideas just in his head.
Today we worked on a few different songs. Few words about those:

First one of these is a bit slower but heavy song in the style of Losing Time from Waterlines. Has great melodies in it and is one of those songs that work even if played with just drum, bass and keyboard combination.

The second kinda rockish mid tempo song with a GREAT sing-along vibe. Only played once in the rehearsals right now but no doubt will be one of the most noticeable upcoming new songs.

Last one of the songs is really fast and heavy song with some killer guitar-keyboard patterns, lots of double bass drumming rhytms and some slight proggish influences. Hell of a lot of fun to rehearse this one.

We'll be sharing some news from the rehearsals in the upcoming weeks as well.

Btw. The video editing is progressing slowly but surely. The material looks absolutely great but it will take a bit of time still to get the video finished as we're combining some materials from the Excalion-journey and there's quite a big bunch of stuff that we have to go through. But the outcome should be really worth the wait!