tiistai 27. maaliskuuta 2012

Tribute to Stratovarius

Hi all!

Time for some a small update. We're progressing with the demos for next album. Just laid some drum tracks for one really awesome and fast Excalion song. I think will be quite a blast when you hear it! Feels really awesome. Maybe a bit more rhytmic and technical compared to Excalion songs in general.

Something else for this year: We're playing Stratovarius tribute concerts with the Excalion line-up. We wanted to make something fun and special and this was one crazy idea that we had and wanted to try out. We're playing one concert now, this Friday in Äänekoski, Finland. Some more gigs coming later this year. More on those later. Let us know if you have some cool places in your hometown that wouldn't be too scared of uptempo Melodic Metal!

Seeya soon!

torstai 23. helmikuuta 2012

We're alive!

Hey! What's up all you MetalHeads?
A loooong time since the last status update. No really good reason for that... mainly just a lot happening in our personal lives that we had to slow down a bit the demo recording process. But now we're back to focus!

The demo recordings for the next album are progressing. As I've already earlier stated, the songs sound GREAT and we just had full weekend sessions to jam together for a very long time. We're nowadays bit distributed across Finland so sometimes it's a bit hard to arrange full band sessions when there are no gigs or studio sessions forthcoming. It was friekin´Great! Everything clicked again from the first song we played together.

We start arranging some nice activities for this year. We wanted to make something we haven't done before when playing live! I'll tell later what that something is. We're currently arranging some gigs for this year to launch this something something :D Stay tuned at Excalion.com to see what's up. Oh, and we definitely need your help here! Keep pushing us to your local pubs and gig venues. It really helps! ;)