maanantai 30. elokuuta 2010

New video planned, High Time released in Japan


Time to share some updates, what's happening in camp Excalion!
First of all, sorry for a bit quiet period. Summer was quite full of all sorts of activities in and out of band but what could be most interesting for you, High Time was released in Japan by Art Union Group in August. BURRN! review gave High Time 80 points! Excalion has also decided to do a music video for High Time album to celebrate the ten years journey that started end of 2000 in Konnevesi, Middle-Finland.

The new video will be shot within a month and will include some footage throughout our journey. We're extremely excited about the ideas for the video and can't wait to get it shot, edited and delivered to every single Excalion fan out there! More info on the progress coming later (with some pictures of course from the shooting naturally).

The demoing of new songs is also progressing nicely as is the composing. We foresee Autumn to be a very active period for Excalion. I also personally did a small investment for the future and took brand new double bass - Tama Starclassic drum set. Will share some pictures with you as soon as I receive the fantastic monster kit.

In the meantime, please keep requesting us for your local radio stations/pubs/venues and share us some recommendations for good places to ROCK!

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