lauantai 13. helmikuuta 2010

Status check

Hey all,

So, what's been happening since the last blog post?
High Time was released and is available in many stores across Europe and can be ordered from all over the world from various online stores. We finally got the Excalion site updated with some new cool features as you might have seen.

The first reviews have been extremely positive and we are just totally thrilled about it. More importantly we have had very posivitive feedback from the audience which is most important for us. Thank you for that!

We're now finalizing ideas for the next Excalion shirts and hopefully they are available soon.

We just had our first gig after the release of the album. This was a band event at Hankasalmi and we had the pleasure to try out some new stuff and it felt great. We were a bit worried how it's going to go as Jarmo was really sick just a couple of days before the gig and we had no idea can he sing at all, but he totally rocked!

Here's the setlist for yesterday as I know some of you are interested what songs were played (I seriously cannot remember in which order they were):
Enter a Life, Lifetime, Yövartio, Foreversong, Bring on the Storm, Flags in Line, Losing Time, Wingman, Moment in the Spotlight and Luopio.

Cheers from now. We're searching now intensively for follow up gigs. Stay tuned for new interviews!

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