torstai 13. toukokuuta 2010

Update from the rehearsals


Just wanted to give a short update what's going on right now. Just came back from the rehearsals a couple of hours ago. We had a really nice session where Jappe introduced two new songs. I have to say it felt damn nice to start working on them. Both of the songs were awesome and now they're stuck to my head even if they still were on a really early stage.

We have started going over some rehearsal and gig material we have shot ourselves during the last ten years. Let's see what we come up with those. "Remains to be a secret", be patient :)

The new shirts are coming. We had a bit of delay as we had to get some posters also printed but they'll be here soon.

Now some sleep. Let's see which one of those new songs will play more in my head the next 24 hours! Cheers

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