maanantai 25. tammikuuta 2010

Release coming closer

Hey all!

A while since we wrote something in Excalion blog. The release of High Time is getting closer day by day and we're totally thrilled about it. The new layout for the homepage is almost done and not long before we set that up.

We just had a band weekend to rehearse our new songs and they kicked serious ass. Can't wait to get on stage to play those for you. Didn't remember to take any pictures from our rehearsal space. Have to do that later then. We're also checking to order some High Time shirts to be later available on our site. Lots of things coming up so be sure to check the pages regularly.

Btw. Have you remembered to pre-order our new album? Seems to be up in quite many locations. Check here for worldwide shipments:

See you guys later!

1 kommentti:

  1. I too am waiting for reviews and of course the release.
    And yes I do have it preordered.

    Hope you have great time and a ton of gigs and good reviews.

    And I also hope the next album wouldn't take three years (But if it has to do so in order to sound as awesome as your other works so far I am willing to wait)