torstai 27. elokuuta 2009

Day 4

Ok. This day was something different. Only Arttu was at the studio with his cats. Tero and me went to the studio at 15.00 to check up how the editing is going. Arttu had made quite lot of progress and the next stage is boosting the drum sounds. That will happen on tuesday. We have a couple of days to chill in between.

After tuesday's editing day there will be 5 days of pause again. heheh. Then Vesa will come and conquer. He has a few days dedicated just for him. Waiting anxiously to hear the heavy riffs to the songs. They will kick some serious ass.

4 kommenttia:

  1. So it will be next weeks sunday when Vesa comes in?

    Everything sounds great and I am really excited.
    I have listened to Waterlines times and times over today.

    I just wish some other Record company would buy out Sound Riots rights and make a re-release of Primal Exhale.
    I hope you have a good record company now and in the future as well.

  2. No, sorry. It's monday when Vesa starts his parts. My bad. ;)

  3. You still could write something these days, like for example, about cats' life.