tiistai 1. syyskuuta 2009

Day 5

I was wondering wether to write anything or not. Today was the only day for this week. Nothing extremely fascinating happening. Arttu boosted some drum sounds and did some other editing to the songs as well. We worked on also on some cool drum loop for one particular song. Tried out what could work and how.

Tero also made some minor changes to some bass parts. We had made some changes to the songs lately so we had to update the basslines a bit. We've also thought with Tero that maybe we just should release the next album as a drum and bass album because it sounds so damn good at this point already. hehe.

OK, Next monday the guitar parts start roaring and we'll maybe try to get some videos online as well. Over and out.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Hah! That would be kinda acoustic album, but just drums and bass, pretty original.

    It's nice to see you writing every day, even if you have nothing really interesting to say xD but as I've said in another post, you could let the cats talk about their lifes :D

  2. ^
    I think he refered to Drum and Bass bands.

    It is nice to hear from you.
    I am really anxious to hear Vesa playing those riffs.