torstai 10. syyskuuta 2009

Day 9

Yesterday was the most important studio day until now. None of us were there. heh
Actually we forgot to cancel that day because we rescheduled our studio times at one point. We just forgot about that day. Well no harm done. Arttu had another editing day. Jappe had send the first keyboard parts for Arttu and now was a good time to deal with those and also I guess do some overall editing aswell.

On monday Jappe and Jarmo will start really working on their parts. Next two weeks will be mostly just singing and singing and some keyboards. Vesa will do his lead parts from Helsinki. I think we've progressed quite fast and have to say that the sounds will kick some serious ass.

5 kommenttia:

  1. xDDDDD

    And today? Is it studio day, this friday?

    Vesa can do that parts in the distance? That's cool.

  2. Today is a studio day but not ours haha.. yep, I can record guitar stuff here in Helsinki. Current technology is amazing!

  3. I like the waterlines album, especially the song called Ivory Tower. I hope you keep the same energy in this new album!!
    Greetings from Equator

  4. Henri wrote earlier that the Final prduct may incude 11 songs.
    Does that include bonus tracks and is there another european bonus track in Finnish?

  5. There has been no talk of bonus tracks. Also, there is no song in Finnish this time. That was not an intentional decision, it just happened to go that way.