perjantai 25. syyskuuta 2009

Day 19

Yeah, all the vocals and backing vocals are now done. Today we had two female singers to sing some really cool choir parts and Jarmo finished his parts aswell. Vesa has also done almost all solos. He will send the last one's to the studio start of next week.

We will start the mixing of the album next thursday. The songs sound already extremely good and big. Now we have some time off until next thursday to cool our brains a bit so we can dig into the mixing efficiently.

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  1. Wow, two females singers! different songs or the same one?

  2. Both did some choir parts for three songs maybe. Or was it four? I'm not sure anymore. hehe. Mostly to the same parts of the songs but elsewhere also. Sounded great.

  3. The news about the photo shoot sounds great!
    So you propably have a title too since the artwork is being done.
    Is there some kind of theme like Waterlines had (Well that album had a theme but it wasn't a theme album. confusing isn't it?)
    I really enjoyed the water theme as it was suprisingly original and mythical.
    I hope you have something similar to Waterlines cooking up and I can say that if it is it can't go wrong.
    And from what I hear you are most likely on the right tracks.

  4. We have a title for the album, yes. We will keep it a secret for some more time. :)

    Is there a theme? Well, yes and no... Or maybe... Oh well, let´s keep that a secret too... :)

  5. Title for the album is now reveiled as the record company and initial release-schedule. No more a secret. Check our webpage

  6. Thank you thank you thank you.
    This is soo great.
    (More on the subject on guestbook...)