keskiviikko 9. syyskuuta 2009

Day 8

Ok lets write now little bit more than yesterday. I had three days full of guitar playing and I did what I had planned. Today I recorded more guitar spices which means upper harmonies and little riffs which makes songs more lively. According to Arttu he called some stuff as Popeda, Trio Niskalaukaus and HIM. I also recorded acoustic guitars to few songs and I would say basic guitar tracks are ok now. Guitar sound is rawww and sounds very promising even in this point when sound is not mixed. Unfortunately I had limited time so I have some homework now....

5 kommenttia:

  1. What did Arthur mean?

    Btw, look at this:

  2. Arthur? xD ARTTU. I guess it isn't the same name xD

  3. When are the vocals and keys coming in?
    and is that all guitars or is there another studio break now that it is 11.9 already and no signs of day 10.
    and no plans for it either in day 9 blog.

  4. Daniel, that´s goddamn scary. :-D I didn´t remember those graphics anymore. Back in 2001...

    Arttu likes to make those remarks about what bands our stuff sounds like. Popeda (a veteran Finnish rock band) seems to come up often.

    He´s joking. I hope. :)

    So, we´re continuing next monday with vocals and keyboards. Stay tuned.