perjantai 18. syyskuuta 2009

Day 14

Another day of some great vocals! Went to the studio after 14.00 and Tero was doing some acoustic guitars there. Had to look in to the booth where he was playing just in case Vesa would've been there. hehe. I guess Vesa was a few hundred kilometers away from that booth.

Jarmo had again a couple of intensive hours for his vocals. Only one fast and newest song lacks still the lead vocals. Jarmo has done an amazing job. Have to say that I got some very nice chills from some of the parts he did today. Next monday we will continue with the final song and we start the backing vocals recordings. Stay tuned!

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  1. I'm so stunned.
    This is going to be just awesome.
    Sounds so incredible and amazing Jarmo really is on heck of a vocalist definately worthy of this great group.
    I wish you will stay together long and make a big bunch of Great masterpieces.

    some Reviewers said with Waterlines that you make typical and unoriginal melodic metal even those who gave you good ratings.
    I disagree there is no group like Excalion out there.
    Even though there are lots of other melodic metal groups and even more power metal groups none of them sound like you do.
    I just hope Jappe doesn't lose his creativeness and it would be nice if the next album wouldn't take another three years. It is decent time for an album but in your case my patience agrees with me can't wait for your new stuff either so it is not working.

    I really hope You can do some bigger tours this time now that you are not that tied up to studies and military services anymore as you used to be.

    The road is clear and your feet are working. Time to walk.

  2. We really appreciate this studio diary and all what you are doing for us, the Excalioners :) Seriously, you are very professional and kind people.

    Btw, I think that I already asked this some time ago... but I don't really remember. What is necessary to go on tour? Who decides that? Just the record company? The record company and the band? And how they choose the band you will support?

    Sonata Arctica doesn't have supporting band yet... you may come with them :P

  3. Or Leverage.
    I guess that could be a better sized and more realistic band to tour with.
    They are in a way similar and are about to release their third too.

    BTW I just realised how overly fanatical I sounded yestreday writing all that up.
    But if I do it's your fault. :D

  4. They already played with Leverage! It has to be a band used to go on tour. Leverage never came to Spain... :(

    Btw, ssl1, where are you from?

  5. Because I see you are a huge Excalion fan. And I am too. I was curious to know :)

  6. On Daniel´s question about touring... I don´t think record companies normally get to decide, instead it´s the management agency which is working for the band, if there is one. Having one means that you are practically at least a half-pro, I think.

    Smaller single tours can be arranged through other methods also, maybe, I´m not really familar with those things...

  7. Oh, I see. I don't know anything about this, so I said record company trying to guess.

    You don't have a management agency...? :/

  8. Currently, no. Being on an agency´s roster means that you give to them much control on when and how much you do gigs. So it has downsides...