keskiviikko 26. elokuuta 2009

Day 3

Third day done and things look bright. It was only Arttu and me in studio today, and we managed to finish all the remaining bass tracks. Well, all except one. In our songlist there is one title which has no check marks at all -- no drums recorded, no bass, no nothing. Why is that? I won´t tell. :)

I had a good playing day. There is some difference between days, at least for me. Sometimes you are clumsy and uninspired, and sometimes... well, a little better. This was one of the better days, so it was relatively fast work today. (Much of the credit goes to Arttu, obviously.)

So, the basic rhythms are now down. There are minor things that will probably be added or adjusted, but the core drums & bass are now recorded. The next stage will be to start working on the guitar ideas in detail.

P.S. Note to Jarno: I made it, didn´t I? Bomb on Colonial 1 !!

5 kommenttia:

  1. Keep up the Good work.
    and pace.

    If we have luck I may have the record for christmas... or not.

    Hopefully at least some material will be out this year.

    and a video you have to shoot at least one

  2. We have studio time until starting of october. There's quite much pauses during these next few weeks from the studio so we can have time to work on the final arrangements and producing to make the best Excalion album up to date.

    So I think the release won't make it to christmas but let's hope that it will be soon enough. :)

    Keep checking the studio blog. I'm sure you'll get some nice tasters of the songs by checking the videofootage.

  3. Guys, it might seem that everything is rolling just fine from the beginning... But just wait, Tero will unveil (some could say reveal) his true nature soon. After the midway you shall notice that there will be minor and major crisis - endless crisis. Don't count on your moral, that's what we have learned with Tero! Freaking toaster...

    Actually I meant to say: You have done very nice job, carry on! :)

  4. Sonata Arctica has a song about San Sebastian, you should have one about Bilbao xDD

  5. Hahahah, have to comment here! Yeah Bilbao song could be excellent idea :D Well, it seems that my guitar tracks are next in a row, good job Tero and Henkka..