tiistai 29. joulukuuta 2009

7. Firewood

The song described

Firewood. What can you say about the song? It is one of the heaviest of the album, extremely rhythmic, has increadibly beautiful keyboard melodies, possibly the coolest verses from Excalion song history, fastest solos from the new album and great lyrics that represent what Excalion is all about.

How it all started

This song built up in summer 2008. I remember Jappe presenting some parts of the song including the chorus and the general feel of the song and giving me free hands to create the rhythms for it. Lots of fun building this one up and was one of those songs you knew you're gonna love from the first seconds. One of my absolute favourites.


This song has a somewhat unusual structure. The chorus, or the B part or whatever it is, is more calm than the verses and is not the sole focus of the song. Also something out of the ordinary comes in at the end of this track. This is probably one of those songs that every one of us has been thrilled about ever since the first rehearsals. Well, at least I have.


This song sounds fresh because of it's unusual structure. You can also hear some very distant vibes of SyX in this song. But very very distant and I mean guitar parts..


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