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2. From Somewhere To Anywhere

The song described

From Somewhere To Anywhere is as close to ROCK Excalion has ever been to. The song is as catchy as hell and builds on groovy vocal melodies and the motto: "Simple is brilliant!"

How it all started

This song goes way back. I think it was written straight after the songs of "Waterlines" and rehearsed before the second album was released in 2007. The song was made as a demo in Summer 2007 with three other songs. 3/4 made it to the album "High Time". This song has gone through least changes from the point it was written by Jappe. Some lyrical changes and a couple of slight changes with the chorus vocals melodies.

Funny to remember way back thinking that we have played this song in three different rehearsal spaces. Not easy to find stable place to rehearse for a heavy band! heh


This song was a long time in the making, it is the oldest song on the album. I have liked this one from the very first day. It is our stadium rock song.


What can I say? A simple forward going song. First song I wrote after Waterlines sessions. Composing started from the chorus as usual. Some minor changes were made before the studio. In the demo there was a different intro, but I wanted to some song have a guitar solo in the beginning and this was obvious choice.


This song is played with drop C tuning which creates certain heavy feeling. I remember jamming this song in our rehearsal place and it sounded good. This song has quite a lot of guitar solos but thats nice... (or is it?? :D)


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  1. Close to ROCK, stadium rock song, a lot of guitar solos... sounds great!