perjantai 18. joulukuuta 2009

1. Enter a Life

The third Excalion album "High Time" will be described here with additional information on how the songs got started and what the creation process was like.

The song described

The album opener "Enter a Life" is a catchy and energetic uptempo song that was immediately planned to kick start the album with full blaze.
The song starts with a short drum intro and kicks in with a highly melodic theme. The song is pretty simple in its structure, but has extremely nice vocal melodies and catchy guitar shredding in the solo part.

How it all started

This is the weirdest place songwriting has ever begun for us: the lyrics of the chorus. I had the lines, and just for fun I mailed them to Jappe and asked him to make a piece of music to them, and he wrote a whole song. This was an obvious album-opener from the start.


I remember discussing with Tero that he had written some of the best chorus-lyrics up to date. Instructing Jappe to write as good melodies.

The second memory of Spring 2009 is that us three (Tero, me and Jappe) are driving away from the rehearsal place trying to sing the chorus as Jappe had just finished writing the melody for it. I'm sure it didn't sound that good sung by us three (Boychoir) but it felt really good and we knew the song would be one of the best we have.


We had a different approach with this one. Usually music comes before lyrics. Tero said to me that he had good chorus lyrics in his hands and I thought that lets do the process different this time. The lyrics were inspiring and in no time I had the whole chorus ready and a vision of what kind of song this would be. When I had the song structure ready we hit rehearsals to work on this puppy. After tightening some loose ends it was ready for the rest of the lyrics and for the demo session.


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