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5. Bring On The Storm

The song described

Bring On The Storm is the fastest song on High Time. It is also the newest song of the record. As the title fiercely intimidates, the song bursts straight in to business and fast double bass rythm with a very cool guitar riff. With grooving and galloping verses, the song goes to the chorus that follows the fast double bass rythm and the guitar riff of the intro with the lyrics "Bring on the storm, let it rage on"! After the calm middle part and Jappe's keyboard solo the song ends with choruses that raise higher and higher till the end.

How it all started

We were coming fast to the end of summer of 2009 and we had most of the High Time songs ready but we felt that we need still a fast double bass song to make the album whole. We made the basics of the song ready only a couple of weeks before the studio and Vesa rehearsed his guitar parts when we had just started the drum and bass recordings. Jarmo was introduced to the song when all the instruments were already recorded! Jarmo took an hour or two to try out the song and see how it felt and he nailed it to the album. It was extremely cool but at the same time really challenging way of working. Normally all the songs have been ready when we've started the recordings. As Jarmo started to sing the verses to the album I knew that this song is going to kick ass. And it certainly did.


I remember Jappe coming to visit me when we were about to start the High Time sessions, and he played this song and put into place the lyrics I had sketched. That´s when I heard the song´s melody for the first time, and the melody sounded great even before any arrangements were there.


It was nice different approach to make song like this way. I just got bass and drum tracks
and wrote guitar riffs based on that. And nice surprise (well it's not a surprise hahah) was the first mixdown because I didn't know any vocal melodies. This song is nice fast ride with catchy chorus!


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