maanantai 18. huhtikuuta 2011

Enter a Life video online!


It's finally out! The music video for Enter a Life, the album opener for High Time (2010). We really wanted to do this kind of anniversary video since it's already ten years of Excalion. Wow, time flies quite rapidly.
Think this is a nice way to show that we're alive and kicking! Check the video from youtube:
Enter a Life official music video

The demo recordings are going really nice as well. If you didn't remember, we're currently putting demos together for 9 new songs! Jarmo just sang the first one of those which is a bit heavier mid tempo song. I think in general the tempo could be going a bit up from last album. Nice twists and hooks there. Damn can't wait to hear the songs recorded. Was fun to hear one of the new songs with all the instruments in it since we weren't sure how guitars will be in that particular song...Vesa sent us a message during his composing period and said "hahahaaa...this song will be Rainbow!". We were quite excited what it will be since it really has a rockish vibe while it's still an uptempo song and has really really nice groove in it. But Vesa was actually bit right. Even though the guitars were really heavy really had this Rainbow type of vibe in some parts of the song!

Ok. Some more updates later. Now some coffee and more promotion for the new video. Hope you like it. At least you get to see how we looked like ten years ago. Some really old clips there! :D


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