sunnuntai 13. maaliskuuta 2011

Demo recordings on going


Small status report after a very intensive recording weekend.
We hit rehearsal space yesterday with Tero and Jappe to record demos for 7 new songs. We tried a new approach by putting bass tracks to the tape simultaneously as we recorded drums. We finally said goodbye to our old .zip discs and used a digital recorder. Hurray! :D

Was a blast. The songs are really tight and was nice to try out my new drumkit in the demo sessions. Had again some technical problems with the mics. Some of them always brake, don't know why? Of course was a bit of getting used to with the new recorder as well. Luckily Jappe is always eager to get familiar with those.

Yesterday we spend some 6 hours or a bit more to put up the equipment, to try the sounds and recorded 5 of the songs.

The songs all have still working titles which are getting weirder every year (the working titles I mean). Of these 5 songs, most we're bit faster songs including again some really nice and fresh elements for Excalion.

The evening was of course relaxing together with some nice drinks and pizza/kebab (what else?).

Today we finalized two last songs. The other quite heavy but slower song and one power ballad. So to conclude, the first day included quite much more bass drum hits. hehe

The next step Tero will finalize his bass lines to the songs. We got most to the tape while I recorded (Tero recorded along with me) but the focus was in the drums so that when I had good take, we agreed that Tero can easily then record later if his take wasn't as good at the same time.

But anyways. Great feeling. Songs are great, making demos is more fun now...Just then next step waiting to hear those final and of course waiting to get to the studio again for the next album!

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