maanantai 25. heinäkuuta 2011

Status update

Time to fill the blog once again with some latest activities from the camp Excalion.
Last couple of months have been somewhat active but mostly what's been going on is not so interesting to write about...but the outcome of course is:

We now got more or less the basics recorded for all the demos for the next album!

This includes drums, bass and keys for something like 9 songs. With guitars we're somewhere in the half way there. Vocals for couple of those on track already! We also rehearsed a while ago one really energetic and up tempo killer song at the rehearsal space. Will surely be awesome!

Stay tuned for more news. In the next days Jarmo will sing some other songs for the demo versions and Vesa will put some amazing licks to the songs that still miss some guitars.

We'll also try to make sense of the timeplan when the next release could be. Anxiously waiting to get it confirmed!


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